One Week Free Trial

We know – some of our claims can be a little hard to believe:

  • 98.5% of searches returned in 24 hours.

  • Greater depth of content than our competitors.

  • Lowest fees in the region.

So give us an opportunity to back it up!

For one week we will run all of your Maricopa and/or Pima county searches entirely for free.  This is your opportunity to review our product without any strings or consequences.  You don’t have to worry about losing your current vendor, and there’s no financial risk on your end.  So why not give us a try?

Want to take us up on our offer?



Give us a call at: (623) 218-7045

The Benefits of TPRS Research


We cut out the middle man!  All searches received in any manner (web, xml, email, etc) are sent instantly to a court researcher’s tablet computer.

Bank-Level Encryption

Our cloud servers are maintained on site and are encrypted with bank-level 256 bit SSL encryption. Personal identifiers are kept secure.

Quick Turnaround

Our office staff has access to case data just minutes after our court researcher pulls the case.

Full Integration

Whether you use FRS, Tazworks, email or your own proprietary platform to send search requests, it is fully integratable with our research system.

Proprietary = Lower Fees

Because we built this system ourselves, there are no per-use fees!  That means we can beat nearly any competitor’s fee!

Order Tracking

Need an ETA on a priority search order?  With our system, we can see exactly when your search will be completed.