Arizona Criminal Record Research

The Public Record Source is the premier source of public record research for the state of Arizona. Our clients are predominately Consumer Reporting Agencies specializing in pre-employment screening.  These clients trust us to provide accurate criminal record research in a timely and efficient manner.

All public record research is conducted in-court by professionally trained researchers.  

We only provide services to national CRAs and private investigators.  Because we are solely a court record research and retrieval company, we do not provide services to end-clients such as HR professionals or business owners.

Services provided by The Public Record Source:

  • Criminal Record Research / Retrieval
    • Standard Scope: 2002 – Present
    • All Searches include county Justice and Superior Courts
    • Felony & Misdemeanor Searches
    • 24 Hour Turnaround – usually faster!
  • Arizona Counties Serviced:
    • Maricopa, Pima, Pinal, Cochise, Yavapai, Yuma, and Coconino Counties
  • Industry-Best Fees:
    • Whatever you’re paying now, we can probably beat it!

Why The Public Record Source?

In addition to our unrivaled experience, we utilize technology to provide a top quality product that our competitors cannot match.  While there are a handful of industry-typical order management systems that nearly all public record research firms use, these systems often go years between updates and are dependent on third-party software engineers.  The Public Record Source, however, utilizes a Direct-to-Researcher system that has been developed entirely in-house.  This system is routinely updated, and is monitored by our own engineers.

As a result, our turnaround time is substantially lower than that of our competitors, and our search fee is the industry-best.

Our Fees

The order management systems utilized by our competitors charge a per-search fee, which ultimately gets passed on to the client.  Because we our system has been developed in-house, there are no usage fees – which means lower search fees for our clients!

Search fees are dependent on county, volume and expected hit-ratio, so please contact us for a current price list.  We also work with pre-screened searches and record retrieval.


All Research is Performed On-Site

We furnish a high quality, data secure service at an increasingly competitive rate—without skimping on professional provider standards such as adequate Errors, Omissions and Liability Insurance; effective data security measures; formal training and apprenticing; a working knowledge of the applicable laws, standards and guidelines of our sector; required licensure; and the myriad other unseen smaller actions that differentiate the more professional provider.

Pre-Screened Searches

The average hit-ratio for most of our clients is between 8-12%.  We do, however, work with CRAs with an above-average hit ratio who perform initial searches on their end.  Additionally, we also provide purely record-retrieval services for an additional fee.

Data Security

All PII (Personal Identification Information) is maintained behind high-level 256 bit SSL encryption.  All of our researchers who have access to PII are subject to thorough background checks and routine auditing.

Turnaround & Fees

All Maricopa & Pima county searches are returned within 24 hours.  Most other counties are completed in 24-48 hours.

Our search fee is dependent upon the county, hit-ratio, and expected volume.  Discounts for higher volume clients are available.  Contact us today to discuss our current price list.

The Benefits of TPRS Research


We cut out the middle man!  All searches received in any manner (web, xml, email, etc) are sent instantly to a court researcher’s tablet computer.

Bank-Level Encryption

Our cloud servers are maintained on site and are encrypted with bank-level 256 bit SSL encryption. Personal identifiers are kept secure.

Quick Turnaround

Our office staff has access to case data just minutes after our court researcher pulls the case.

Full Integration

Whether you use FRS, Tazworks, email or your own proprietary platform to send search requests, it is fully integratable with our research system.

Proprietary = Lower Fees

Because we built this system ourselves, there are no per-use fees!  That means we can beat nearly any competitor’s fee!

Order Tracking

Need an ETA on a priority search order?  With our system, we can see exactly when your search will be completed.

Counties We Service